Emma Watson’s Time’s Up tattoo has a major error

Emma Watson has gamely joined the many armchair copy editors commenting on her new feminist tattoo’s grammatical error. The actress and Time’s Up advocate debuted “ink” supporting the anti-harassment movement at the Vanity Fair Oscars party on Sunday night (March 4).

But, missing a key apostrophe, the large “Times Up” in script on her right inner forearm arm was met by criticism. Thank goodness it’s not a mistake that will last a lifetime – a closer look revealed the edge’s of the tat’s clear sticker, and a message from Watson sealed the deal.

“Fake tattoo proofreading position available,” the Brown University grad tweeted Monday afternoon after the error went viral. “Experience with apostrophes a must.” By Tuesday morning, the 27-year-old’s tweet had received nearly 100,000 likes and scores of fake applications for the position. – Los Angeles Times/Tribune News Service

Oops! A closer look at Emma Watson’s faux tattoo. Photo: Reuters